Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hippie Flea Market on PDI

Philippine Daily Inquirer (05/20/2008)

Hippie hip, hooray!
By Pam Pastor

MANILA, Philippines—

On June 14 and 15, the city’s modern hippies will head to A. Venue Mall in Makati for a good reason — the Hippie Flea Market.

Organized by A. Venue Mall, Irene’s Closet and Hippie Ventures group, the flea market brings together brands, artists and designers for the modern hippie.

“We are regular bazaar participants and we feel that there’s a need for a regular fair to showcase unique products of budding, up-and-coming artists and designers,” said young designer Irene Pineda.

Inspired by Europe’s and San Francisco’s flea markets, the Hippie Flea Market brings unique and out-of-the-way stores like I Love You Store, Irene’s Closet, Marni’s Room and Store For All Seasons together in one place. Other participants include Cole Vintage, X rainstorm, CRU, Ce Chic, Pilar, Wheat, Nail Art, Willow Work, Renegade Folk, Bags and Carry, Tammy Tan, Monica, Bel Lejano, Mixmi, Leaf, Methilation, Obra Manika, Marrah Africa, Pazzy Manila, Vain Jane, Blusche, Patricia Andrada and Katrina Encanto.

They will showcase their wares at the bazaar, everything from clothes and bags to shoes, accessories and other little trinkets.

“On those dates, A. Venue Mall will be a treasure trove of unique and exclusive finds at a fraction of the price one would pay in retail outlets,” the organizers said.

There will also be a clearance outlet and a mini car show of vintage cars like Mini Coopers and Volkswagen at the venue.

But just who are modern hippies? “The modern hippie promotes peace, love and happiness, rejects convention and conformity and embraces spontaneity and individuality. They are unabashedly different, uniquely special and unquestionably cool,” said Pineda.

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